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  • Debt and international aid
  • GDP and productivity
  • General government main aggregates
  • Inflation
  • Investment
  • Public spending
  • Sectoral economic output
  • Taxes and revenues

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  • Primary government expenditures, percent of of original approved budget
  • Value added of the industrial sector in the gross domestic product, current prices
  • Manufacturing value added per capita as percentage of GDP
  • Research and development expenditure, percent of of GDP
  • Total official international support official development assistance plus other official flows to infrastructure, constant 2019 prices
  • Total official development assistance for biodiversity, constant 2018 USD
  • Orientation index of government expenditures on agriculture
  • Agriculture share of government expenditure
  • Total official flows for agriculture, constant 2019 prices
  • Proportion of total government spending on Health
  • Proportion of total government spending on education
  • Proportion of total government spending on Social protection
  • Proportion of total government spending on essential services
  • Total assistance received by Jordan for development, net disbursements, current prices
  • Remittance costs, percent of of the amount remitted
  • Total government revenue, percent of of GDP

The Data Visualization tool allows users to visualize indicator(s) at a certain administrative level when available through graphs and charts and compare between them.  


  1. Select the topic.
  2. Beside the map, select the administrative division level (Jordan) for the data at the country level or (Governorate) for the data at the governorate then select the desired governorate(s) from the map or a lower administrative division level then the desired governorate from the map then the desired location from the table that will appear below the administrative divisions menus. If no administrative location is selected (map or table), the system displays by default the result of all the available locations according to the selected administrative division level.
  3. Select the sub-topic from the column on the left of the indicators box.
  4. Select the indicator from the box on the right or use the search button: write keywords and the system filters the indicators related to the topic accordingly.  

The chart will automatically appear displaying your query for the available years.

Comapre option
The system allows users to select specific locations and specific indicators from the generated graphs and compare them on one graph. Each query performed is displayed on a tab inside the graph, you can check/uncheck a location within the different queries/tabs and the system automatically displays the selection under the “compare” tab.

On the graph, users can change chart type, add labels, export the graph, and view on map

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